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So monsieur you have decided to buy a beautiful gift for your wife, girlfriend, lover or mistress (shh we wont tell) and lingerie would be just the thing for this special occasion. This might seem like an intimidating task if you are not au fait with buying silk and lace, but we have created a simple guide to ensure she will love it, and you.

1. Find out her size

One handful or two doesn’t quite cut it, so sneak in to her lingerie drawer (hope you don’t find anything you shouldn’t in there!) and check the size on her bras and knickers, the lacey ones not those things she wears to the gym.

Or if all those numbers and letters are harder to decipher than the wine list at Il Lido, then take a pic of the tags and we’ll know what to do.

2. Find out her style

Her clothing will help you to suss out her lingerie style. Is she sexy and chic in form fitting black? Then she might love vampy lingerie that is strappy, sheer and seductive.

If she has a more feminine look in floaty florals then romantic lace in pretty colours might be more her style.

Or is she a casual jeans and t-shirt girl? Then an effortless mesh set could be perfect for her.

3. What's the occasion?

Are you shopping for a special day like an anniversary? Or is it just because you love her (and want to get laid?)

If it's for a special occasion then it would mean even more if it’s tied to a memory you shared together… Remember what you did to her that night in the Hotel du Cap? Then get her something gorgeous to remind her, along with a handwritten note.

Or, if you’re shopping for a gift just because (which we adore), then she will love anything that suits her style.

4. If in doubt choose something with a relaxed fit

Every woman on earth loves luxurious silk pyjamas or a slinky robe, you simply cannot go wrong.

Just have a peek at what size dress she takes to get the right size, and she will look oh so chic lounging around in these.

And you can always include one of our playful accessories, which are all one size.

5. Ask for our help

We know you hate to ask for directions but if you need help navigating this one, we love to help a gentleman get it right, come in and we will sort you out.

If you would like exclusive access to shop after hours and have the store all to yourself, or to bring in your lady and let her pick for herself we offer private appointments, please contact us for details.

Now, pour yourself a whiskey and enjoy the lingerie.

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